Cirurgias Urbanas II – Arquitectura e Reabilitação, Lda. is a company with over 15 years of experience in the field of architecture, both in the scope of the project and construction.
With works carried out in the most varied scales and typologies, the company has been focusing in particular in the area of rehabilitation and remodeling of buildings and spaces.
In each new project solutions are found, adapted to the program in question and to the programmatic requirements, as well as to the constructive, economic and regulatory constraints. Experience, knowledge and technical rigor contribute decisively so that the final result, meets customer expectations.
The practice acquired over the years has allowed them to assemble a team adjusted to the needs of each project, a dynamic and flexible structure, which also extends its values ​​to the management, direction and construction of the work, holding a Private Works Permit. In this way, control over the program is more effective, translating, among other elements, into a serious and realistic schedule, which allows the client to have a global view, but also participate in the entire process.


Created in 2003 by three young entrepreneurs, the company Cirurgias Urbanas stood out through its own distinctive style, developing the activities of architecture, design, arboriculture and landscape architecture in an integrated and interdisciplinary way. This synergy allowed the atelier to take a global approach to the project in its various scales, from the landscape to the garden and tree and from the city to the building and object, in a symbiosis between the natural and the built space.
In 2012, given the variety of services it provided, the company decided to split into two: Cirurgias Urbanas I – Arboriculture and Landscape Architecture and cirurgias Urbanas II – Architecture and Rehabilitation, continuing to share the same space and values and working in close collaboration.


At the head of the company are the architects Maria Amarante and Conceição Mestre who work in collaboration and co-authorship, manage and coordinate all the work developed in the office, with great dynamism and total dedication. Always in dialogue with the client, Cirurgias Urbanas provides a continuous service and support throughout the construction work.
The team has several collaborators, both inside and outside the company, working permanently or occasionally, in addition to numerous partnerships with colleagues and professionals from complementary areas, which allows them to create flexible work teams adapted to each project.

Maria Amarante, Arquitect

Born in 1976 in Oporto, Portugal, where still lives and works.
Since 2012 she has developed her main professional activity in Cirurgias Urbanas II – Arquitectura e Reabilitação Lda, of which is a managing partner, performing projects in co-authorship with the architect Conceição Mestre.
In 2008/09 she attended the Postgraduate Course in Rehabilitation of Built Heritage, Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP)
She co-founded the company Cirurgias Urbanas at 2003, together with the architect Marta Campos, the engineer Daniel Magalhães and the architect Tiago Delgado, with whom she developed a series of projects in co-authorship.
She is an advisor on the “Environmental Certification of Sustainable Construction – Líder A” and the Thermal Comfort project designer, within the scope of the Specialization Course – Qualified Experts within the scope of SCE_ Novo RCCTE.

She began her professional experience as an architect, still a student, collaborated in the architecture studio Rodapé Arquitectos and in 2002 she collaborated in the Atelier Caldeira Figueiredo Arquitectos.
Graduated in Architecture in 2001, by the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto.
She was a scholarship holder of the Embassy of the Republic of Angola, a scholarship awarded in the scope of her final degree, for the study on “Musseques de Luanda”. In the academic year 2000/01 she was a Fellow of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto during the preparation of the internship at the F.A.U.P (C.E.F.A.) Study Center. In the academic year 1999/00, she attended the Erasmus Program at the École d’Architecture Paris La Seine, Paris, France.

Conceição Mestre, Arquitect

Born in 1978 in Marinha Grande, Portugal, currently lives and works in Oporto.
Since 2012 she has developed her main professional activity in the company Cirurgias Urbanas II – Arquitectura e Reabilitação Lda, of which is a partner, carrying out projects in co-authorship with the architect Maria Amarante.

From 2010 to 2016 she was Rapporteur for Disciplinary Procedures for the Northern Regional Section of the Portuguese Institute of Architects (Ordem dos Arquitectos).
In 2006 she began working with the Cirurgias Urbanas – Arquitectura, Arboricultura e Paisagismo, Lda. office in Porto.
Completed her Post-Graduation in Conservation and Rehabilitation of Buildings in 2006, by the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies of the University of Coimbra.
Between 2003 and 2006, she worked at Drena – Estudos e Projectos, Lda. office in Lisbon.
Completed her internship in 2002 at Cidades Invisíveis – Arquitectos, Lda. office, in Lisbon.
Graduated in Architecture in 2002, by the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Lisbon.


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LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE // Daniel Magalhães, Alea Soares, Inês Sá
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