Arroios Apartment Nominated for ArchDaily’s Building of The Year 2020

It was with great pride that we learned that the Arroios Apartment is among the nominees for ArchDaily’s Building of the Year! This apartment, part of a 1932 building, was disfigured by previous interventions, having lost some the architectural elements that characterized it. Our intervention tried to, in one hand, answer to the new program, fitted for a client that wanted a contemporary home, and, on the other, respect the


We’re on Roof Magazine! The magazine’s special number on it’s 3rd birthday had Nuno Baltazar as guest editor, who kindly mentioned our studio. We would like to thank Nuno for his kind words, as well as the team behind Roof Magazine for the professionalism and sympathy that they dedicated to our article. The online article can be read on Roof Magazine’s website.


Manteigaria dos Clérigos is now open! Located at the n. 37 of Clérigos Street, it was with a sense of responsibility that we accepted the challenge of integrating a new store in one of the most important streets of the city. We tried to re qualify and value the Building, giving the new shop window a new aesthetic that best suited the architecture of the existing facade and urban front,


It was with great pleasure that we inaugurated the new store of the fashion designer Nuno Baltazar, in the nº 37 of the Rua do Bolhão. Undress to dress was the theme. To create a space free of ornament, raw, where the stains created by time are part of the setting. Structure and infrastructure remain visible. The collections are the protagonist: the delicate textures and colors of the fabrics stand


The conclusion of the Café Rivoli renovation was celebrated with the opening party of the 2nd edition of the “Dias Da Dança” Festival. In 2017, the Theater’s director Tiago Guedes challenged us to give a new live to the theater’s Cafe. We accepted it with enthusiasm and gave it all our energy. The need to re-design the lobby and cafe of the Teatro Municipal Rivoli came from the lack of

“Papás, Mudei a Casa!” Workshop for Children

Our architecture workshop for children “Papás Mudei a Casa!” was a success! We asked both parents and their children what they would like to change in their houses, and together they analyzed, debated, designed and built models, putting into practice their ideas. The results were amazing! Thank you to everyone who participated. It was a very gratifying afternoon to us.

4000 ATELIERS 1st Edition

Last November, we opened our office to the 4000 Ateliers initiative. The event includes 20 architecture studios open to the general public, like an “open house”. The main goal is to give to know architects and their work spaces, ideas and projects, in a celebration of Architecture.