Project Description


Espinho, Portugal


Prismóptica, Comércio de Óculos

Maria Amarante
Marta Campos

Hugo Dourado
Gisela Monteiro

Cirurgias Urbanas -
Arquitectura, Arboricultura, Paisagismo

Fernando Guerra - Últimas Reportagens


The renovation of Prismóptica’s store came from the owner’s wish to have a commercial space with a unique style and innovative image.
Our intervention wasn’t only focused on redesigning the store, but also on creating a brand identity. For this purpose we worked with a multi disciplinary team.
The relation between the areas that compose the commercial space were designed to be used in a dynamic and balanced sequence. Applying wood in key spaces also contributed to sign different functional moments.
The shop window, a wood “scenery box”, is designed to enhance the product, while inviting costumers in. The wide reception space introduces with clarity the various functional spaces. The store develops from an area that showcases the glasses and allows for a personal engagement with the client. As a background, at the top of the store, a wood box is both a service desk and workshop.
Our intention was to create a layout that minimized the impact of some functional requirements needed for this type of store (easy to access compartments, specific machinery, etc.), arranging the space to receive the commercial product, making it the center of attentions.
Taking the self standing module of the glass walls with interior lighting as the base element, hidden drawers, clabinets, etc., were incorporated. Working with this system on a functional and visual level, we were able to create a second skin in the interior of the store that lights the space and hides an array off functions under the illusion of a fixed wall.
Carefully combining materials with a minimal design we were able to embed the space with a unique and sophisticated character.

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Project Date:

May 20, 2020