Project Description


Madrid, Spain


Ayuntamiento de Madrid
Junta de Compensación de Parque de Valdebebas

Maria Amarante
Marta Campos
Daniel Magalhães

Alea Soares
Conceição Mestrte

Valdebebas Park

The base idea for the present proposal is the reinterpretation of the rural landscape in which the intervention area is set, giving it new functions and a new aesthetic, without breaking it’s identity.
Having into account that the ecological values in an urban landscape are scarce and many times undermined in relation to shape and aesthetic values, the new proposal reinforces biodiversity and safe keeps hydric values (promoting the infiltration of rain and the purification of water in accumulation areas).
Looking at the offer of green spaces in the surrounding area, mainly at a closer range, this park aimed at being a complement to the existing ones, guaranteeing an integrated and balanced way to transition between boulevards (connected to the house buildings) and the west forest park.
In this way, based on the geologic, morphological and soil characteristics – site morphology, sun exposure and slopes – the park was divided into different zones, giving each one a specific function according to it’s characteristics.

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Project Date:

May 20, 2020