It was with great pleasure that we inaugurated the new store of the fashion designer Nuno Baltazar, in the nº 37 of the Rua do Bolhão.

Undress to dress was the theme. To create a space free of ornament, raw, where the stains created by time are part of the setting. Structure and infrastructure remain visible. The collections are the protagonist: the delicate textures and colors of the fabrics stand out from the monochrome roughness of the space made of concrete, iron and glass.

The light design, developed in partnership with the architect Paula Rainha (Synapse), was key, giving balance to the austerity of the materials. A warm light was used for comfort and to enhance the colors of the fabrics against the cold walls. A lamp was specially designed for the counter by Artur Mendanha.

Nothing satisfies us more than seeing a happy client with a work that made us proud.

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